Energy Revolution in Daily Life: Eight Pioneers of Energy Transition in Taiwan

Energy Revolution in Daily Life: Eight Pioneers of Energy Transition in Taiwan

※RSPRC Annual Risk Analysis Report 2019 
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In 2018, Taiwan's energy consumption hit a new high, and Taiwan's per capita carbon emissions was also ranked 19th globally. However, with every 1% increase in economic growth, Taiwan's energy needs would also increase by 7%. In such a scenario, this raises the question of how Taiwan can achieve the goals of energy conservation while reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. This monograph showcases the stories of eight pioneers, to let readers gain a real-life perspective of how energy transition can transform our lives. Many of these 'first-movers' have already embarked on the path of energy transition, among whom are civil servants, homeowner association members, mothers, scientists, as well as businesses and community colleges which work in the field of environmental change. The monograph also spans the whole of Taiwan, covering the rural and urban regions, from the northern tip in New Taipei city to the southernmost part along the Pingtung seaboard, where these eight pioneers tell their stories of hope and vitality about Taiwan's energy future.

Last year, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg launched the 'Fridays for Future' movement to protest against the adults for not taking meaningful action to tackle climate change in spite of having the power and resources to do so, which as a result could destroy the future of the younger generations; and even though the impact of the movement is unclear at the moment, it sends a clear signal that climate change has become an issue of intergenerational justice. But the climate crisis we face today is predicated on the energy crisis and this affects not only Taiwan but the world. Even if we set to work on the ground today and it might not guarantee any changes, but at the very least, it would enable us to circumvent the stagnation at the top, and through our everyday efforts, help to prepare for a safer tomorrow. In these times of political and social polarization, it is hoped that this book can become the starting point for dialogue and consensus-making.

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Rong-hsing Ho, Founder and CEO of The Reporter
Energy policy is the domain of the government, but the energy revolution in everyday life is our responsibility. This book adopts a macro perspective of the do's and don'ts, to guide us in the contributions we can make in Taiwan's energy transition, and in the process, put pressure on the government to do what it is supposed to do.

Ken-cheng Li, CEO of the Citizen of the Earth Foundation 
Energy transition is not only about the transformation of electricity generation but it also requires the promotion of energy democracy, to propel us towards a state of low-carbon and health protection, guided by industrial transformation and social justice. This book provides a historical context as to why Taiwan is mired in the throes of energy transition, with clear policy analysis, as well as the action plans that have been implemented by citizens, communities, businesses and local governments, which allow us to witness the ongoing energy transition activities on the ground.


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