Our Vision and Mission
[Prof.Dr.Soo-Jin Park,Prof.Dr.Jae-Yeol Yee and Prof.Dr.Jung-Jae Park Visit to RSPRC]
Dr.Soo-Jin Park,Professor of Department of Geography in Seoul National University;Dr.Jae-Yeol Yee, Professor of Department of Sociology in Seoul National University and Dr.Jung-Jae Park, Professor of Department of Geography in Seoul National University. They visited RSPRC on February fifth 2018 and they had a pleasant conversation with driector Kuei-Tien Chou and members of RSPRC.
[ New Publication ]
Energy Transition in East Asia
[ East Asia Energy Transformation Forum: Challenges and Prospects for Energy Transformation in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea ]
The Forum was held by RSPRC on 19 of Oct. The forum invited the following speakers: Professor Koichi HASEGAWA, from Tohoku University in Japan, also the author of "Post-Nuclear Society," Professor Sun-Jin YUN from Seoul National University, who helps to drive the policy for next nuclear power plant in Seoul, and Professor Dowan KU, Director of Environment and Society Research Institute in Korea.
[ 2017 Social Assessment Impact Lecture Series ]
The lecture was held by RSPRC on 26 of Oct,2017. Prof. dr. F.M.D. (Frank) Vanclay who is a well-known specialist of social assessment impact from University of Groningen, was invited to the lecture.
[ Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters Visit to RSPRC ]
Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters is the social scientist of Forschungszentrum Juelich and the Adjunct Professor of Freie Universität Berlin. He has long studied the formation of the scientific environment and public opinion in the media communication. He has as well as focused on the interaction between journalists and scientists and the impact of scientific knowledge on the public. Prof. Peters is a well-known German science communication specialist!
[ National Science Foundation Partnerships for International Research and Education(PIRE)'s Visit to RSPRC]
Prof. Everette Joseph and Prof. Terri Adams and other fellows of PIRE visited RSPRC on 22th March, 2017. They participated a forum held by RSPRC and Graduate Institute of National Development, NTU, that focus on climate change and disaster prevention.
[ Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn's Visit to RSPRC ]
Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn, Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, participated the First International KLASICA Case Study Symposium at NTU. Prof. Dr. Kuei-Tien Chou, the director of RSPRC, with his colleagues, accompanied with Pro. Dr. Renn to visit the RSPRC office after the forum on 21th of November, 2016.
[ Ms. Bärbel Höhn's Visit to RSPRC ]
Ms. Bärbel Höhn, Chairperson of German Federal Diet, visited RSPRC on June 29th 2016. Ms. Bärbel Höhn later participated the "German Experience in Energy-Transition and Nuclear Waste Disposal Discussion Forum", in which she shared views on the issues related to climate change policy, energy transition and nuclear waste management.

Our Vision and Mission

  In an ever-changing world with of globalized risks, Taiwanese society faces a wide-range of major, interrelated issues. These include: climate change and the energy transition, green economy and low carbon innovation, food scandals, risk perception and trans-dimensional risk (i.e. risk of emerging technologies and of financial crisis) as well as new social risk (social inequality, aging and shrinking population, migrant integration). Our expertise in social, technological and environmental policies lie at the heart of these issues.. These issues need to be understood in a systemic way and require a practice-focused research approach.
  The new kinds of risk emerging from a globalized world cross institutional boundaries. With this in mind, our ambition is to bridge the traditional separation of society and academia and attract young, bright minds to this task.

Please see our other sections for specific examples of our approach and our work.

(Working Plan)

  RSPRC sets its course to work as an essential platform of bridging the broader public and the excellent research expertise for Taiwanese society. The working of RSPRC is to bring all different kinds knowledges together, including the theoretical inspiration, the history and experience of social practice, the expertise in administration area and most important, the reflection of current situation of governance. Interdisciplinary study is located at the core of our agenda, reflecting the blurred boundary of contemporary risk challenges. Facing all the challenges and its formidable potential consequences, the public has the right to know the reasoning and process of agenda-setting, implementation and evaluation in policy-making process. RSPRC wants to take the public approach of risk study, to facilitate the analysis, accumulation and reflection of risk governance in Taiwanese society. Being a platform of open and deliberative discussion and negotiation, our goals is to make politics and society informed, knowledgeable and accountable.


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2017 Working Paper
Towards the Road to Energy Transformation
Sociology of Climate Change: A Review of High Carbon Society and Its Transformation Challenges

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