Energy Transformation
[Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn's Visit to RSPRC]
Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn, Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, participated the First International KLASICA Case Study Symposium at NTU. Prof. Dr. Kuei-Tien Chou, the director of RSPRC, with his colleagues, accompanied with Pro. Dr. Renn to visit the RSPRC office after the forum on 21th of November, 2016.
[Ms. Bärbel Höhn's Visit to RSPRC]
Ms. Bärbel Höhn, Chairperson of German Federal Diet, visited RSPRC on June 29th 2016. Ms. Bärbel Höhn later participated the "German Experience in Energy-Transition and Nuclear Waste Disposal Discussion Forum", in which she shared views on the issues related to climate change policy, energy transition and nuclear waste management.
[ National Science Foundation Partnerships for International Research and Education(PIRE)'s Visit to RSPRC]
Prof. Everette Joseph and Prof. Terri Adams and other fellows of PIRE visited RSPRC on 22th March, 2017. They participated a forum held by RSPRC and Graduate Institute of National Development, NTU, that focus on climate change and disaster prevention.
【2017 The Workshop on Social Impact Assessment】
The Workshop was hosted by RSPRC on January 11, 2017. Dr. David Ip, Professor Emeritus from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Queensland, was invited to give a talk introducing some key issues and sharing his thoughts on the international theory and framework of social impact assessment.
[Prof. Moura Quayle's Visit to RSPRC]
Prof. Moura Quayle (Strategic Design with the Sauder School of Business and Director of the Liu Institute for Global Issues at University of British Columbia) participated the 2nd Challengers’ Meetup on October 27, 2016 at NTU. She then had a meeting with some of our RSPRC fellows discussing issues of the current difficulties of energy transition in Canada and Taiwan.
[Prof. Dr. Timo Busch's Visit to RSPRC]
Prof. Dr. Susanne Rupp, the Vice President of Universität Hamburg, led a group of faculty members participating “2016 NTU-UHH Matchmaking Workshop”at NTU. Prof. Dr. Kuei-Tien Chou, the director of RSPRC, accompanied with Prof. Dr. Timo Buschto visit the RSPRC office after the forum on 12th of December, 2016.
[2016 International Conference of Social Welfare Politics in Chinese Societies]
The conference was held by RSPRC on 15th of Nov, 2016. The main theme of this year's conference was "New Risk and New Social Policy: Horizon among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong."
[Academic Exchange Activity] Prof. Dr. Fumiko Kasuga and Prof. Dr. Bach Tan Sinh Visiting to RSPRC
Prof. Dr. Fumiko Kasuga (Section Chief, National Institute of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan) and Prof. Dr. Bach Tan Sinh (Acting Director of the Research Centre of S&T Policy, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategic Studies, Vietnam) visited RSPRC on 24th of November, 2016.
[2016 The Workshop on Energy Transition in East-Asia]
The workshop was hosted by RSPRC and Graduate Institute of National Development, NTU, on 10th and 11th of August,2016. Main topics of this workshop include the structural change in energy systems, the energy shift trends after Fukushima disaster, the decentralising renewable energy and the condition of energy policy.

Paving the road to tomorrow's economy with maximum energy efficiency

Following Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, the atmosphere of energy polices in Japan has undergone a dramatic change. The Japanese government has revised the ‘Basic Energy Plan’, and actively facilitated debate on such as whether Japan can abolish nuclear power, how to introduce a substantial amount of renewable ...


Nuclear safety or energy security? From controversies over the nuclear power plant 4

A year ago, the 309 Taiwan for nuclear abolition march was attended by the people in the north, midland, and south, east; they poured into the streets, and these 220,000 strong people reenergized the movement of the abolition of NPP4 which stagnated after year 2000. Where did the 220,000 people come from?...


The new world under the revolution of shale gas/crude

Since 2009, the success of commercial mining of "shale gas" has made the US the world's largest natural gas producer. Now, about a quarter of natural gas produced in the United States is "shale gas", and there is no doubt that its share will continue to ...



Can the past teach us anything about how to achieve an environmentally sustainable and fair society?「借鑑過去之優劣」(Learn from the past),是一句相當常聽到的訓誡。然而,在目前的快速巨變的時代中,從過去的歷史試著記取教訓卻似乎好像有一點困難。


Sustainable Transformation

Environmental issues in climate change, depletion of natural resources and energy crisis have posed great challenges on sustaining human beings. Many countries have come to realized that technology alone is not sufficient in dealing with the environmental problems...


Rethinking the Energy Efficiency and Economic Development in Taiwan

The Tōhoku earthquake and the following nuclear power plant crisis in Japan in 2011 had led to the rethinking of energy policy around the world...


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