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[Center statement] governance innovation to promote energy transformation - "Energy transformation white paper" recommendations

0324 1s  The collapse of the Ho-ping electrical tower and the heat waves struck in the recent two weeks that caused power crisis, have highlighted current Taiwan’s centralized energy system fragility. In face of this crisis, although commentators believed that nuclear plant 1 and machine 2 of plant 2, whose fuel pool have already reached their upper limits, should be restarted to survive the crisis. However, this research team believes that we should follow Seoul South Korea’s example, who after a major blackout in 2011, has realized the importance of decentralized energy systems, thus vigorously promoted the “saving a nuclear plant” policy. To this power crisis, as to promote Taiwan's energy transformation social driving force.

[Center statement] An appeal to the Legislative Yuan at the key moment of transformation: Amendments to Electricity Act should consider diverse aspects

Recently, the currently substantially revised version ofEnergy Act, which saw its seventh time in fifty years to enter the Legislative Yuan to be reviewed...

[Center statement] Typhoon day-off? The government should re-design SOP of compound disaster risk assessment

The Centre releases the following two statements from the perspective of professional risk assessment, and suggests that the key points worthy of review and reflection are not issues such as cross-region coordination and the time of declaration time...

[Center statement] A statement from RSPRC on school children in Mailiao Yunlin returning to Syucuo Branch of Ciaotou Elementary School for the beginning of term

Risk Society and Policy Research Centre (RSPRC) made the following statements regarding to the matter of schoolchildren in Mailiao Yunlin returning to Syucuo Branch of Ciaotou Elementary School on 31 August 2015 for the beginning of term...

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